Following the ECA heat of the 3 Minute Thesis competition in March, Matluba Khan (ESALA) and Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis (Reid School of Music) took part in the College of Humanitites & Social Science heat on April 22nd 2016.

The Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Professor Richard Coyne, chaired the competition and introduced each of the 18 contestants from nine different schools across the University's College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS).

The four judges, from within and outside the College, awarded Tomke the second prize in the CHSS heat. Her talk on ‘Contemporary Dance and Music Collaborations: A Study of Cross-disciplinary Professional Performance’ convinced the judges with its engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining nature and particularly good visual support.

Tomke reports on her experience: "I was quite nervous. Actually, more nervous than for any sort of research talk that I have done before because I had to memorise the speech but it was a great opportunity to practice public speaking and preparing an accessible presentation of my research for a non-specialist audience."

Coming from the ECA, Tomke thinks that she has a topic that many people can relate to. But she is also sceptical: "One is tempted to think it is easier to produce an engaging talk on a topic like mine. But the strict criteria that don’t allow additional media or props, singing, dancing or slide transitions, make it quite hard to prepare for this only 3 minute long presentation. However, I think it is a great exercise for any kind of presentation that I will have to do in the future."

Olivia Eadie, Head of ECA's Postgraduate Office, said, "On behalf of the ECA PG Office I would like to congratulate Tomke on her success at the CHSS 3 Minute Thesis Heat. As one of the judging panel at our own heat, I was very impressed with the standard of presentations given by our students and by Tomke in particular. I am delighted that Tomke has made it through to the University level competition and wish her the best of luck."

After attending further preparatory workshops for the competition in May, Tomke is very excited to go forward to the 3MT University of Edinburgh final on 23rd June. The final will start at 2pm in G.07 in the Informatics Forum.