Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) students are set to unveil the Fashion Revolution event – 1138. Festival - across the city. The event is to be held in tribute to the 1138 lives lost during the Bangladesh Rana Plaza collapse on 24 April 2013, considered the deadliest garment factory disaster in history.

Emily Ford-Halliday, a Lecturer in Fashion Design, is collaborating with students from ECA and the wider university, as well as external partners, to create the unique 1138-minute event in the capital.

Fashion Revolution – a leading fashion activism movement – was created to call for a fairer and more transparent fashion industry. Emily is a dedicated and passionate leader for sustainable fashion, and after being on a panel discussion at last year's Fashion Revolution Edinburgh decided to become more involved.

“The name 1138 is significant in itself, as it represents all the individuals that died in the Rana Plaza who were never named,” said Emily. “There is no sort of memorial for them, so we wanted to highlight the fact that they were individuals, people and family members…”

The 1138. Festival is now bringing students and lecturers together, to work collaboratively across Edinburgh to communicate the importance of a safe and compliant fashion industry. The energy and drive of everyone involved has been a major highlight for Emily, including those helping in the wider community such as the Grassmarket Community Centre and other Scottish Universities.

Work by Katie Griffith Morgan
Work by Katie Griffith Morgan

"“This event is a wonderful opportunity for students to work together for a good cause. They are so passionate about what they are doing and are so engaged with the project. It is setting them up with life skills which they can use in the industry.”"

Emily Ford-Halliday, Lecturer in Fashion Design

The programme contains a wide selection of engaging and immersive activities, including designs from ECA students and graduates. These include a Memory Breaskfast, a Swap Shop, and a Fashion Fair & Pop-up Fashion Shoot which will showcase Scottish sustainable designers alongside work by ECA students and graduates.

Nikita Vora, a Fashion BA (Hons) student who is leading in the organisation of the club night, believes that this experience has influenced her design work, as well as her day-to-day life:

“Being part of 1138 has matured me and I have definitely become more organised. The event has made me look at the real world and how it is better to be involved in these things. I would totally want to incorporate this into my actual design work in the future.”

Milda Lebedyte, University of Edinburgh Chemistry - BSc student and Fashion Revolution Representative said:

“It is amazing to have a student ambassador title and be working with this worldwide organisation that’s making a change. It’s nice to have everyone’s support!”

Katie Griffith Morgan, a Fashion BA (Hons) student and Fashion Revolution Representative for ECA said:

“There is a big sense of community, it is bringing people closer across different industries and has made me think about the ethics more”.

“I couldn’t possibly have done any of this without them. It is really important for me as an educator, that I give ownership and power to students,” said Emily, “It’s my goal to have young, independent, passionate students go off and change the world.”

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