Lucia Savastano is currently studying the MSc Advanced Sustainable Design at ECA. Here, she gives us an insight into life as a student on her programme.

My morning starts with a quick stop at my favourite coffee shop on my way to university. Thanks to the short distance, I usually walk unless it’s raining or I’m running late. It’s an enjoyable walk as I go through the Grassmarket, which is full of historic buildings, quirky shops and has a stunning view of the castle!

During first semester, I have been attending three courses, two from the Advanced Sustainable Design programme and one elective. I’ve been working on two main group projects, both related to Sustainable Design Methodologies, which have taken up a lot of my time.

Since both projects need to be displayed in the studio for review, I use the McGovern Media Centre at Minto House to print work and make changes using the laptops that are located there.

During the week some of us eat together either in the studio or in a café. I usually grab a sandwich or a salad box from a vegetarian takeaway in the Grassmarket because I don’t have time in the morning to prepare food for lunch.

Whilst I haven’t had much time to get to know students from other programmes, I consider myself very lucky to be sharing this experience with my amazing Advanced Sustainable Design colleagues - we spend a lot of enjoyable time together during the week and our different study backgrounds and nationalities make everything more interesting.

The group projects have inevitably meant that I’ve had the chance to deepen some relationships more than others, but I feel they’ve also contributed to increasing my knowledge of architecture, as my bachelors degree was in engineering.

I’ve spent a lot of my evenings focusing on my studies as there have a been a number of deadlines to meet, but whenever I can, I arrange a dinner with my friends or a movie night.