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Art & Learning aim to enhance artistic research and programming by advancing new theories, methods, practices and histories of artistic learning. As artistic methods become increasingly medial in comprehensive integrated curricula, much transformative educational praxis today takes the form of artistic practice.

Art & Learning understand the educational turn in art and the cultural turn in education as a fuzzy set. Pursuing porous forms of inquiry converging in the practices of art and learning, the group recalibrate artistic learning and inculcate teaching-as-research in, and beyond, the art school. We disseminate this artistic research and related SoTL as a contribution to open education and peer-to-peer learning (paragogy). Art & Learning researchers are affiliated with a wide range of international artistic and educational organisations and practise laterally in both fields.

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Research Projects

  • Shift/Work: Composing Artistic Research Workshops (Neil Mulholland & Dan Brown)
  • St. Martin’s School of Art Research Project (Dean Hughes)
  • Art Lending Library (Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich)
  • Deleuze and Artistic Research (Kamini Vellodi)
  • cadmium lovebug (Susan Mowatt)
  • Institute for Academic Development SoTL Network

Affiliated Organisations

  • Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Shift/Work)
  • Council for Higher Education in Art & Design (CHEAD, UK)
  • National Association for Fine Art Education (NAFAE, UK)
  • European Art Forum (UAL, London / CIT, Cork)
  • The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA, Amsterdam)
  • Society for Artistic Research (SAR, Amsterdam)
  • International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)
  • College Art Association (CAA, New York)
  • International Society for the Scholarship of Learning & Teaching (ISSOTL, Calgary)

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