I am Emma Davie and am the Programme Director for MA and MFA Film. I’d like to sum up the skills you’ll develop with us and the preparations you can make before coming here as it’s a common question at this stage.

You are on a wonderful journey to discover what documentary film you may be making over the year or 2 years you will be here. We look for creative and new approaches to documentary film which can involve so many approaches. We aim to help you find your voice and vision as a film maker. The documentary form you make should be appropriate to the subject and you’ll discover it along the way. Most of our students surprise themselves and end up making work which is very strong and often travels all over the world to festivals or wins awards – BAFTA’s, RTS, even Oscar nominations. It is a documentary course, not a fiction film making course- just in case there is any confusion in your mind.

In the first semester of the MA and MFA you will be busy developing your idea for a film, doing research and also making some short “micro film” exercises which will help challenge and develop your approach to documentary making. At the end of Semester one, you’ll be pitching your ideas to a group of potential collaborators from other departments in the Uni and other institutions. In the second semester you’ll start filming your documentary and in the third semester you’ll be editing it. All of this is backed up by masterclasses and workshops from top industry professionals who work internationally.

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