There is a wide variety of studio equipment and software available for sound design students to record, edit, and experiment. We encourage you to work with it all and find the best kit for the job that needs doing.

The Russolo Room is at the heart of our equipment list. It features an Adam 5.1 surround rig and a pair of PMC TB2 speakers for stereo monitoring. All equipment is driven by a powerful desktop apple computer with numerous hardware emulation plugins. However, students can also swap out this computer and plug in their own laptops.

All equipment is housed in an Argossy studio console desk with two massive flat panel monitors for viewing and editing complex audiovisual work. We maintain a number of DAWs, in particular Logic Pro and Pro-tools, Nuendo and Digital Performer but encourage students to find the DAW that works best for them. The room also boasts a Lexicon a PCM96 surround reverb unit, two AVID (EuCon) control surfaces and SSL and UAD PCIe DSP cards.

Other software includes;

  • Waves platinum bundle 6.x
  • Waves IR reverb and a multitude of sampled acoustics 6.x
  • Logic Audio
  • Nuendo
  • MaxMSP
  • Native Instruments bundle including Absynth, Reaktor, Synths, Vocator and Spektral Delay
  • Sample Manager
  • WaveEditor
  • Soundhack
  • Ableton live
  • IRCAM bundles

The Sound Lab

The sound lab is equipped with a lab of 13 iMacs each running Pro-Tools, logic Pro, MaxMSPJitter, AUDICITY, PD, Supercollider and CSound each with an Mbox.  The lab also boasts a pair of Genelec 1032 monitors, a sub unit and a an 8 channel rig of Genelec 1029 speakers attached to the wall.

We have 4 x Digital Video dedicated Xeon Quad Cores running Final Cut Studio and Peak DV and several machines running Final Cut Express.

We have 10 copies of Unity Pro and work with FMOD studio.

We recently invested in a Canon XL2 DV camera and tripod for producing documentaries and high quality recordings of events and student work. There is also access to Canon 550 D and two 660D available from the online booking system and collectable from the McGovern Media Centre. 

Students also have access to the Adobe Suite, Cold Fusion, Photoshop elements, Proce55ing Blender and Maya.


Several matched pairs of DPA 4061
Soundfield - ambisonic microphone
Pair Neumann KM 184
Matched Pair Neumann KM 184
Beyer Dynamic shotgun
Audio Technica Stereo Field
AKG instrument mic
AKG 414
Rode NT4
Rode NTA
Beyer Dynamic Boundry Mic
SoundMan in ear headphone mics * 4
Sony Field Mic
AKG Drum Mic Pack
Windpac and boom for field recording
AudioTechnica Wireless Levalier Mics
Also access to
Neumann KM140 *2
Neumann KM 130 *2
Neumann KM 120 *1
Portable Mixer
Sennheiser MKH60
Sennheiser MKH30
Various Rycote and DPA wind jammers


8 Channel DAV Broadhurst Gardens Pre Amp
4 channel API preamp
Mytek two channel Analogue-Digital Converter
2 * TC Electronics fireworX
2 * DBX DriveRack
Zaxcom Nomad Lite (10 channel professional location recording unit)
Sound Devices 744t
Sound Devices 722
2* Fostex FR2 – solid state hi resolution audio recorder
3 * M-AUDIO solid state portable recorders (MicroTrack 24/96)
3 * Zoom 2 channel portable recorders
TASCAM DA78, 8 channel digital recording to tape
ALESIS ADAT, 8 channel digital recording to ADAT tape
Portable recording Mac Laptop with MOTU 8pre audio interface


We have a collection of 10 portable genelec 1031 loudspeakers for concerts and experimental events. The Sound Lab has an 8 channel sound system for spatialisation experiments and performance and we part-own a Mackie long throw active speaker system. We also run a 5.2 Meyersound active loudspeaker rig.

Other hardware

includes reel to reel tape recording, hardware samplers, midi interfaces a Mackie VLZ 1202 portable mixer and a Mackie ONYX 1602 with high quality pre-amps. Portable Genelec Loudspeakers


In addition to a large number of university venues, ECA boasts two performance spaces, the Reid Concert Hall and St. Cecilia’s Hall. Much sound design activity also takes place at the University’s new digital project laboratory, Inspace. The Atrium of the Graduate School has been developed into a hybrid performance and presentation space with ATC loudspeakers and high lumen projector.

Current guidance, notices, equipment documentation, and user guides are available on our studio wiki.