Includes a screen-printing room, relief room, lithography room, process room, intaglio room, and caseroom.

The suite of rooms in the Print Workshop contains a huge range of equipment and we encourage the use of environmentally responsible print processes.

Screenprinting room

  • 4 screenprint beds
  • Drying box
  • Lightbox
  • A range of water-based inks

Relief room

  • Vandercook proofing press
  • Large relief press
  • A vintage Columbian relief press dating from 1831
  • Large commercial paper guillotine
  • A selection of digital pre-press equipment

Lithography room

  • Two direct presses
  • A large offset press
  • Stone and plate litho

Process room

  • Large screen and small plate exposure units
  • Photo etching/photo litho
  • Acrylic resist aquatint booth

Intaglio room

  • Various etching presses
  • Copper sulphate etching baths


  • A good selection of lead and wood movable type cases and relevant equipment
  • Book presses
  • Olivetti typewriter (on loan)
  • Typographers stone table