On occasion the Reid School of Music loans audio equipment to outside organisations.

Current students have access to a range of bookable audio equipment. The information on this page is for non-students who are interested in borrowing audio equipment.

The Reid School of Music receives a number of requests for the loan of specialist audio equipment to outside organisations. Due to the high demand made of our resources by current students and staff, most of these requests cannot be met. Moreover, the University of Edinburgh cannot use public funds to give an unfair advantage to commercial ventures, for example through the provision of audio equipment to for-profit companies that would normally have to rent such equipment commercially.

However, we do wish to support local non-profit organisations where possible and where requests are infrequent and not demanding of staff time. This will only be possible, however, where the borrower can show sufficient insurance to cover repair or replacement should the equipment be damaged whilst on loan. If you have a request, please send an e-mail to the Director of Studios, Dr Michael Edwards (michael.edwards@ed.ac.uk), and it will be considered at the next Studio Committee meeting.