Includes a flexible studio space, equipment for location shooting, and several editing facilities.

The facilities for students studying one of the Film programmes include a flexible TV studio space which houses the majority of our practical teaching, studio-based shoots and small set builds.

We also have a wide range of camera, sound, lighting and grip equipment capable of supporting both our undergraduate and postgraduate students on their drama, documentary, experimental, studio-based and location-based projects.

The digital cinema camera package at Edinburgh College of Art includes a Red Scarlet camera and a set of Arri Ultra Prime lenses with full accessories. We also own a Panasonic HPX2700G Varicam, Panasonic HVX 200, Sony Z7 HDV and Sony HVR cameras. We have a full 16mm film kit, several drama lighting kits, location sound recording kits, and multiple microphones and radio mics. We have full grip/camera support packages including our recently acquired Ronin handheld 3 axis gimbal stabilization system.

Other facilities include:

  • A post-production studio with five Mac Pro Dual Screen workstations running Final Cut Pro, Compressor, DVD Studio and Logic Pro.
  • Four self-contained post-production suites, running Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, RedCineX and Da Vinci Lite.
  • Da Vinci Resolve grading suite capable of mastering and grading HD, 2K, and 4K material in real time. This suite also doubles as a further Avid Edit suite. All our post-production facilities fully support a complete digital workflow.
  • Our current 50 capacity cinema space provides a multi-purpose facility for screening films, teaching seminars and hosting masterclasses. We are currently in the process of upgrading this facility to include a bespoke cinema and industry standard post production suites.