Individual workstations, dedicated computer facilities, and access to flatbed screen-printing and digital printing.

Animation facilities include:

  • 3D computing resources for animation are available in room P7 of the Hunter Building, offering 18 workstations with modeling and animating software such as Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Mudbox. Within the department itself we have a 64 node renderfarm on a small cat 6 LAN that enables very fast parallel processing of individual frames from Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe After Effects, as well as the rapid network transfer of uncompressed high resolution images straight from our stop-frame Studio to our edit suites.
  • Stop Frame camera based animation is resourced with 4 bookable stop-frame bays in our dedicated stop-frame studio, 3 rostrum cameras, and 5 digital line testers, all connected to computers running Dragon Frame software. We also have a portable shooting kit for location work, as well as an equipment library of cameras, lights, digital sound recorders and microphones etc.
  • Our drawn animation studio is equipped with individual desks/workspaces for each student, lightboxes, animation punches and the usual accoutrements to traditional methods of animation.
  • There is also a small workshop for model construction including facilities for building sets, props, characters and armatures using conventional tools and materials as well as a 3D scanner and 3D printer.
  • Our post production facilities consist of a range of dedicated editing suites on both Mac and PC, offering Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Premiere, there is also access to Avid facilities in the Film & TV department.

Related departments on the campus enables our students to extend the scope of their study, with access to:

  • Printmaking, wood and metal workshops
  • Digital image manipulation facilities in Q Digital
  • Digital cameras, camcorders and lighting equipment