Six purpose-built, acoustically-treated music studios, with tie-lines to a shared recording space.

Reid School of Music has numerous industry-standard resources for creative music technology teaching and research. We have a suite of Apple Macintosh based studios equipped for live recording, composition, stereo and multi-channel mixing, as well as working with sound to picture.

In addition to our flagship Reid Studio and our 16.2 research space supporting the NESS (Next Generation Sound Synthesis) research project, the basement of Alison House offers a suite of six purpose-built studios, with tie-lines to a shared recording space. The studios are acoustically treated and equipped with high-quality monitoring from renowned speaker manufacturers such as ATC, Adam, Genelec, and PMC.

In addition there are two multi-user music technology iMac laboratories which are used for workshops, lectures, concerts, and various other creative technology practices.

Reid School of Music is located in Alison House. Our six studios share many similarities, such as having RME audio interfaces in every room, while also offering bespoke features such as multi-channel capability or a particular set of digital signal processing plugins.

Students are offered a common sound card interface which saves setup time as students move between the various studios.

Due to the studios being networked and running a core suite of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, users can easily start a project in one studio and pick it up in another for edits, signal processing, etc.

Reid School of Music offers the following studios:

Studio 1

Studio 1 is mostly used for recording and mixing and is very popular with our students because it has a window connecting to the communal recording room. There are multiple channels to and from the recording room and talkback is permanently patched.

The studio is equipped with:

  • Genelec 8040 speakers
  • Genelec 7060b sub
  • SPL Volume2 Analogue stereo gain controller
  • Fireface 800 firewire Soundcard
  • Focusrite Octo-Pre MKii (for extra mic inputs)
  • Mackie 1202vlz & Shure SM57 (for talkback to viewable live/recording room)
  • M-Audio Oxygen MIDI keyboard

Studio 2

Primarily used for mixing and electroacoustic work, Studio 2 is equipped with:

  • ATC K50A speakers
  • SPL Volume2 Analogue stereo gain controller
  • Fireface 800 firewire soundcard

Studio 3

Studio 3 is a production and mixing space. It is equipped with:

  • ATC SCM50A speakers
  • SPL Volume2 Analogue stereo gain controller
  • Fireface 800 firewire soundcard
  • ESI K.ON weighted MIDI input keyboard with knobs & faders

Studio 4

Studio 4 has evolved considerably over the years. Due to the experimental nature of the Reid School of Music postgraduate courses, and following on from student feedback, this studio has now taken on the role of a Music and Sonic Experimentation room. This allows adventurous and explorative students to place speakers in unconventional places for their contemporary digital compositions.

Students often use this room as a laptop ensemble rehearsal space. It is a flexible and valuable resource which supports the research into digitally augmented acoustic instruments taking place in Alison House. A supply of the most frequently used cables and connectors are on the shelf so that most connections should be possible from the room’s stock without breaking your workflow.

The floor of the room is clearly marked so should a user want to use this space to mix in a more traditional stereo or 5.1 setup this is quickly achievable with minimal equipment reconfiguration.

Studio 4 is equipped with:

  • Genelec 1030A speakers
  • Mackie 1202 mixing desk
  • Fireface 800 firewire soundcard
  • SPL Volume 8 multi-channel gain controller
  • Various cables and connectors

Studio 5

Studio 5 is very popular with composers for both composition and production work. It is especially attractive to students using Sibelius or Finale who need a quiet space for input and MIDI playback of scores.

Studio 5 is equipped with:

  • M-Audio 61 key MIDI keyboard
  • Fireface 800 firewire soundcard
  • SPL Volume2 Analogue stereo gain controller
  • Genelec 8040 speakers

The Russolo Room

The Russolo Room is at the heart of our equipment list. It features an Adam 5.1 surround rig and a pair of PMC TB2 speakers for stereo monitoring. All equipment is driven by a powerful desktop Apple computer with numerous hardware emulation plugins. However, students can also swap out this computer and plug in their own laptops.

All equipment is housed in an Argossy studio console desk with two massive flat panel monitors for viewing and editing complex audiovisual work. We maintain a number of DAWs, in particular Logic Pro and Pro-tools, Nuendo and Digital Performer but encourage students to find the DAW that works best for them. The room also boasts a Lexicon, a PCM96 surround reverb unit, two AVID (EuCon) control surfaces and SSL and UAD PCIe DSP cards.

Other software includes;

  • Waves platinum bundle 6.x
  • Waves IR reverb and a multitude of sampled acoustics 6.x
  • Logic Audio
  • Nuendo
  • MaxMSP
  • Native Instruments bundle including Absynth, Reaktor, Synths, Vocator and Spektral Delay
  • Sample Manager
  • WaveEditor
  • Soundhack
  • Ableton live
  • IRCAM bundles

Reid Studio

Reid Studio is located in the basement of the famous Reid Concert Hall, in the heart of Edinburgh on Bristo Square. A 300-seat Victorian venue built in 1859, the Reid Concert Hall is an integral part of Reid School of Music. It houses two Steinway D concert grand pianos, in addition to a harpsichord and a pipe organ which is considered to be one of the finest of its kind in the UK.

For studio users, 16 mic inputs, 8 balanced returns and talkback are permanently installed and users are able to use the hall as Reid Studio’s principal recording space.

Studio and equipment assistance

Having someone to guide studio users is a valuable support mechanism for students. For this reason, a Technical Support Team is on hand to help you with any studio or equipment queries.