Understanding and designing for distributed autonomous systems workshop

  • 10am - 1pm

  • City Arts Centre, Alt-w LAB, 4th Floor
    2 Market Street
    EH1 1DE

Designers and data specialists are at the forefront of exploring new ways of exchanging value, using Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracting and the direct exchanges between things made possible by the Internet of Things. These novel technologies mean that concepts of value and value exchange are being challenged in a variety of ways, and, far from being neutral, these innovations are entangled with and are co-producing novel political, economic and social arrangements, raising questions of ethics, privacy and the sociopolitical implications of new forms of distributed authority.

This workshop will explore the implications of the vastly evolving distributed ledgers and autonomous systems which introduce the principle that products and services may soon be owned and managed collectively and not by one person or authority, thus challenging traditional concepts of user communities, ownership and power.

This half-day design workshop allows participants to further understand, develop and critique these new forms of distributed power and ownership through a creative exploration of nodes and networks. No prior knowledge is required and we welcome academics, creatives, industry experts and non-specialists alike.

This workshop is part of the After Money Symposium which heralds the end of Design Informatics’ research project After Money in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the New Economics Foundation, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The event is hosted by New Media Scotland as part of their 48 hours programme.

A sandwich lunch will be provided after the workshop at 1pm.

This event is free, but booking through Eventbrite is essential.

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