The Figures are Falling, the Ground - Kristen Kreider

  • 11:30am - 1:00pm 

  • Edinburgh College of Art Main Building, West Court
    74 Lauriston Place
    EH3 9DF

"There are only so many gestures one can make, but meanings are innumerable. So the same stories are repeated, with variations, so that each time we may discover, in one slow rotation, a new earth and a new sky of meanings." - Roberto Calasso, Ka

They say this of the philosopher, the poet, the artist, the writer: that she tends to circle the same thing, repeatedly. Doggedly asking the same question, each time - (perhaps) - to different effect. Of course, the same might be said of the era, the epoch, the party, the class or, indeed, whole civilizations. But our concern here is of a different scale: the scale of a relation between one and one, and to place. Here, at this scale, through this relation, we test out what they say. A selection of words drawn from works across projects stretches a space between speaking and listening. Here is thought taking whatever shape.

Kristen Kreider is a writer and artist who works in collaboration with the architect James O’Leary to engage with sites of architectural and cultural interest. Her research stems from an interest in the poetics of thought, its materialization as form, and a concern with how artworks relate to the world. Books include Poetics & Place: The Architecture of Sign, Subjects and Site (I.B. Taurus, 2014) and, with Kreider + O’Leary, Falling (Copy Press, 2015) and Field Poetics (MA Bibliotheque, 2018). Kristen is currently Professor of Fine Art and Director of the PhD Programme at Goldsmiths College.

This event is free and all are welcome.

Part of the School of Art Friday Lecture Series 2018.