School of Art Friday Lecture: Raisa Kabir

  • 11.30am

  • Edinburgh College of Art Main Building, West Court
    74 Lauriston Place
    EH3 9DF

Talk: Materialising gendered archives: weaving, language, and the global textile object

Raisa Kabir talks through her practice as a textile and performance artist, and the political potential of craft to uncover global histories of labour, heritage and belonging. Her research explores the role of embodied geographies in textile production, and heritage economies of craft in South Asia.
Workshop: Politics of collective craft - 'weaving collective archives' 

The session will build upon collating ways of embodied knowing through craft making and using 'two-person' looms to practice a methodology of weaving to explore radical collectivity and resistance. Woven textiles are coded and gendered archives containing their own languages, knowledges and histories, that are often dismissed in Western and masculine centred art cultural canons. The workshop will encourage participants to create their own collective archive that embeds local and global narratives. Weaving as resistance, weaving as community, weaving as healing. Nurturing craft as political reclamation, in creating space for sharing collective histories.

About the speaker

Raisa Kabir is an artist and weaver, who utilises woven text/textile, sound, video and performance to address cultural anxieties surrounding nationhood, textile identities and the cultivation of borders. Her (un)weaving performances comment on histories of trans-national power, global production and geographies of labour. She has exhibited work at The Whitworth, The Tetley, Raven Row, Textile Arts Center NYC, and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design U.S.