Romain Viguier: Carbon Stock

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  • Evolution House
    Tent Gallery
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

Our carbon-based economy is responsible for a catastrophic rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide level, causing dramatic climate change, ocean acidification and mass extinction. This exhibition turns a Carbon Stock into a Carbon Debt. Are we doomed, what is wrong with our global economy?

Carbon Stock is a proposition: "the only way to avoid climate change is to take into account that natural resources do not belong to humans and need to be paid for".

We need to pay for all the carbon we have extracted and are still extracting, and we need to pay in a currency that is both appropriate and acceptable by nature itself. It is time to restock.

Romain Viguier, was born in a family of artists and first trained as a sculptor, working principally on marble, at the Ecole des Beaux Art de Grenoble. Interested to learn more about the environment he then studied life science and chemistry at the university to a PhD level and continued his engagement with art while pursuing a career in science and technology. He currently works for Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage at the University of Edinburgh.