Reid School of Music PhD Symposium

  • Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 09:45 to 18:00

Third-year and fourth-year PhD students at Reid School of Music will host a symposium to present their research. Ten students from a variety of fields will speak on the day.

“An event like a PhD symposium gives us the opportunity to practice presenting in a friendly environment and also to collect feedback from peers and staff. It’s great preparation for conferences outside the department,” said Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis, a PhD student at Reid School of Music, “It will help to strengthen the research community in Reid School of Music and Edinburgh College of Art in general. We hope that through a platform like this, people will get to know each other better and maybe even form new collaborations.”

Reid School of Music host a series of research seminars throughout the year. “We thought it would be nice to actually bring everybody together in one event,” said Tomke.

Coffee and lunch will be provided throughout the day. A keynote address will be given by Prof Simon Frith, Tovey Professor of Music at University of Edinburgh, which will be followed by a wine reception.

Free to attend. All Edinburgh College of Art students and staff are welcome.

For more information please email Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis:

The Symposium is supported by the ECA Devolved Researcher Fund.

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