R Sustainable Fashion Show

  • 6pm

  • Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building, West Court
    74 Lauriston Place
    EH3 9DF

Do you ever look in the mirror and find yourself asking where your new outfit came from? Did the maker get treated fairly? Organised by three Edinburgh students, R Sustainable Fashion Show hopes to confront both the ethical and sustainability issues in the fashion industry.

Fast food, fast cars and now there is even fast fashion – a contemporary term used by retailers for the cheap and trendy throwaway clothes we buy from budget suppliers. These garments might be perfectly good at the time of purchase, but they soon both fall apart and out of fashion. According to Fashion Focus, it is estimated that we now buy 40% of our clothes at ‘value’ retailers – which is having a massively damaging impact on the environment.

r sustainable fashion show poster

It is a sad reality that fashion has been named the third most polluting industry, contributing three million tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emission.

However, three students are aiming to raise awareness of this issue. Second year Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) students Daniela Groza and Immy McAndrew – studying Jewellery and Architecture respectively – are joined by Milda Lebedyte, a University of Edinburgh Chemistry student. They have also partnered with ASCUS, a non-profit organisation based in Edinburgh committed to bridging the gap between the arts and sciences, to deliver the show. By combining their creativity and knowledge of science, they hope to offer long-term solutions for both the ethical and environmental repercussions of consumeristic culture.