Online field trip to Paris: Talk 2 - TANK, Olivier Camus & Lydéric Veauvy

  • 1.45pm – 3pm GMT

  • Online

Talk 2 - TANK, Olivier Camus & Lydéric Veauvy

TANK is an architectural practice established by Olivier and Lydéric in 2015. Marked by a strong friendship that formed while students at the University of Saint-Luc de Tournai, the duo has since elaborated central concerns for architectural thinking and concepts spanning diverse scales and programmes dedicated to more humane and ecologically responsible environments. Embracing sensible, poetic and spatial qualities of architecture, TANK addresses the necessity to create projects in which form, function, and materiality establish a certain coherence and a meaningful, symbolic bond.

This symposium is part of the online field experience of Architectural Design: Any Place.

This course is thematically focused on circumstances and conditions beyond the local. It moves away from ideas of locality to consider issues of foreignness and distance. This thematic focus is supplemented by a broader interest in the city as a condition for architecture.

The city of Paris has been selected as the context of enquiry where students will design a collective housing building. Staff and students from ENSA Paris-Belleville have been invited to introduce the sites. Five French offices of architecture have been invited to talk about their housing designs.