A Scattered Heritage – Britain’s Georgian Legal Deposit Music, Karen McAulay

  • 5:15pm - 6:15pm

  • Alison House, Lecture Room A
    12 Nicolson Street
    EH8 9DF

The University of Edinburgh was one of the designated legal deposit libraries at this time. It’s fair to say that the University kept less music than some of the other libraries did – but by no means the least!  Edinburgh’s Hans Gál made a selective catalogue of music in the Reid School of Music, but he was dismissive of British music of this era, so he didn’t catalogue it all.  In fairness, he wasn’t alone in his views.  However, as a record of our cultural history, it is invaluable – and there are gems amongst the dross.  As a corpus of music, it can be examined to inform us about musical tastes, musical education, and even the music publishing trade.   

In this talk, Karen McAulay (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) will share how she set about exploring the Edinburgh legal deposit music, and what she has found out about it so far. Highlighting what the university professors decided to keep – in an era decades before the Reid Music Professorship was established – and tell you where you might find more of the same. You might even feel inspired to try some historically informed performances! 


Part of the Music Research Seminar Series 2018.