La Gunguna screening and Q+A with Ernesto Alemany

  • 7pm

  • Cinema Space, Room 0.25
    Hunter Building
    74 Lauriston Place
    EH3 9DF

Ernesto Alemany’s La Gunguna (2015) tells the story of a tiny pistol with a dark history. 

With a legendary past supposedly linking it to a trio of dictators – Mussolini, Franco, and Trujillo – the gun has the potential to act as a protective amulet or, if its one rule is broken, a curse. After passing from corrupt military men, to pimps, to professional pool players, and more, the gun ends up in the hands of good guy Montás, an unemployed construction worker with a mission that sets him off on a quest to visit the President. 

As it circulates among this bizarre cast of characters, the gun reveals a chaotic Caribbean underworld that is portrayed with unrelenting dark humour and more than the odd nod to Tarantino.

Following the screening there will be a Q&A with the director led by Dr Itandehui Jansen (filmmaker, researcher and Programme Director, Film & TV, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh). This event has been organised by Eve Hayes de Kalaf, University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art and Prof Julie Cupples of the Human Geography Research Group.