Katja Grillner, Writing Landscape – Writing Place

  • 7pm

  • Online

This lecture presents performative modes of writing place and articulates textual techniques of situating, positioning, shifting perspectives and addressing the imagination and spatial production of the reader. The lecture is based on the author’s own work ranging from the 18th century landscape garden to situated knowledges, experiences and uses of contemporary urban parks, and on critical intersections of architecture and feminisms in theory and practice.

Katja Grillner

Katja Grillner is professor of Critical Studies in Architecture and Head of Department at the School of Architecture, KTH (2019-). Her research into architecture and landscape perform astetetic, historical and literary investigations from the perspecives of poetic practices and critical theory. In her teaching she has together with her colleagues built up a strong presence of courses or course components concerning intersections between architecture, feminism and gender in the architecture program and in extra curricular courses at the school. She has initiated and participated in the formation of several groups and contexts that has had a significant impact on the development of architecture and design research in Sweden: The Academy for Practice-based Research in Architecture and Design (AKAD 2003-2007), Feminist Architecture Theory, Analysis and Education (FATALE 2007-2012) and the Strong Research Environment Architecture in Effect (2011-2019).