Dima Srouji, Subterranean Non-Fiction

  • 7pm

  • Online

The surface of the earth is embedded within it the richness of our past, but those that attempt to reveal the stories of our underground have for centuries done so as colonizers and occupiers with self-serving motives. The talk traces one of these attempts in the archaeological site of Sebastia, Palestine. This archaeological village is a highly contested site today under Israeli occupation that was abused for over a century starting with the Harvard excavations of 1908. Here, the intergenerational trauma from the history of constant excavation, forced labor, confiscated land, and agricultural terrorism, lives on.

Dima Srouji

Dima Srouji is a Palestinian architect working with multiple mediums including glass, maps, archives, and film. Her work explores the power of the ground and its artifacts in revealing silenced narratives specifically concerning Palestine. Srouji is a graduate of Yale University, founder of Hollow Forms, and currently teaches design studios at Birzeit University in Palestine.