Hélène Binet, The Making of a Photograph

  • 7pm

  • Online

The making of a photograph is, as we know, the catching of a moment and situation by constructing its boundaries with the camera frame. Inside, the objects and different volumes can then connect thanks to the focal point of the lens and a lively conversation can start. The light is the dress that brings the different moods. 

The result is a complete world where we can read mood and feeling but that also overlays our own emotions and aspirations. A photograph should be able to attract them and contain them – I call them pocket of dreams. 

Building, landscapes and objects animate our world and, at the same time, give form to our ideas and wonders. 

In my talk I will look at the encounters of the two, the camera and the building, a pas de deux from which photography is born. I will present work from the magnificent buildings of Zaha Hadid to the objects on my table during the spring of 2020.

Hélène Binet

Hélène Binet is a Swiss/French photographer, currently living in London. Her work has been pub-lished in a wide range of books, shown and collected in numerous museums, the latest exhibition being a retrospective of her work at the PSA, Shanghai. As an advocate of analogue photography, she works exclusively with film. In 2019 she was awarded the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize for her exceptional contribution in the field of architecture, her main passion along with photography. This recognised practice has led her to focus more on the understanding and expression of the poetics of space.