Rania Ghosn, Geostories

  • 7pm

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The climate crisis is not only as a calamity of the physical environment but also as a predicament of the cultural one—of the systems of representation through which architecture and society relates to the environment. How might the design project—as expounded through drawings, narratives, and artifacts—make sense of the systems, spaces, and scales that underpin the present climate crisis? Geostories imag(in)es the geographies of climate change in a series of speculative architectural projects. Each project synthesizes different forms and scales of knowledge on environmental externalities, such as oil extraction, deep-sea mining, and space debris, to speculate on ways of living with such legacy technologies on the planet. The premise of this work is that the design project, as an aesthetic practice, might galvanize a shift towards public communication that explicates climate change as it anticipates other possible worlds.

Rania Ghosn

Rania Ghosn is Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at MIT School of Architecture + Planning and founding partner of the practice DESIGN EARTH, with El Hadi Jazairy. She is co-author of Geostories: Another Architecture for the Environment (2020; 2018) and Geographies of Trash (2015).