Flores & Prats, The Discipline of the Existing

  • 7pm GMT

  • Online

Accepting the accumulation of history in an existing building requires discipline, it is to accept the ghost that is present in the whole life of a building as the physical quality that time grants to things. This is the state that interests us: valuing all the lives contained in the building that we inherit with a univocal gaze, where no single one prevails over the rest, with no concern for what came earlier and what later, or for where one period begins and another ends.

Flores & Prats is an architectural studio founded by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, dedicated to the confrontation of theory and academic practice with design and construction activity. Their work obtained among others the Grand Award in Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts 2009, the City of Barcelona Award 2016, the City of Palma Award 2017, the AD Architects of the Year Award 2018 and the AR New into Old Award 2019. Eva and Ricardo are both Doctors of Architecture and Professors of Design Studio at ETSA Barcelona, RMIT Melbourne and ETH Zurich.