Professor Hélène Frichot: Dirty Theory: Architectural Smatterings

  • 10am

  • Online

Drawing on the recent publication of the pocket-book Dirty Theory: Troubling Architecture(AADR 2019), this lecture addresses dirt as both matter to be followed and concept to be grappled with when coping with contemporary environmental crises. No locale rests outside the infiltrations of dirt, and if you don’t see the dirt in front of you, it is because it is being collected, held and managed elsewhere. Thinking with dirt means thinking with local and global environment-worlds and re-orientating our creative practices accordingly.

Architectural theorist and philosopher, writer and critic, Hélène Frichot is Professor of Architecture and Philosophy, and Director of the Bachelor of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning University of Melbourne, Australia. She is Guest Professor, and the former Director of Critical Studies in Architecture, School of Architecture, KTH Stockholm, Sweden. Her recent publications include Dirty Theory: Troubling Architecture (AADR 2019), Creative Ecologies: Theorizing the Practice of Architecture (Bloomsbury 2018), How to Make Yourself a Feminist Design Power Tool (2016)