Professor Ahmed Ansari: Design & Other Ontologies of the Human

  • 7pm

  • Online

This talk aims to introduce the audience to thinking through (re)designing ontologies through design, and how design research can change to become more reflexive and speculative, aiding directly in the formulation of radical futures. We will talk about ethnographic 'shallowness' and I will argue for a turn towards thinking of difference as 'deep', instead, in design, with the implications that through taking alterity seriously and privileging ontological difference over cultural relativism, a decolonization of design ethnography and theory becomes possible that allows for multiple, pluriversal socio-technical paradigms to emerge out of the present world-system.

Ahmed Ansari is an Assistant Professor in Integrated Digital Media at New York University. He is a founding member of the Decolonising Design platform and his research intersects at the confluence of critical cultural studies, design studies and history, and the philosophy and history of technology with a focus on South Asian contexts. His recent work looks at decolonising knowledge production in design history, ethnography, and theory, and on the applications of non-Anglo-European knowledge systems to developing new ways of thinking and practicing design.