ESALA Research Seminar: Linda Matthews

  • Wednesday, November 9, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00

This week’s guest speaker, Dr Linda Matthews, is a Research Associate in the School of Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her research is concerned with architectural and urban design methodologies that utilise the optical logics of digital surveillance systems. The aim of the research is to use these virtual spaces as a source of qualitative and quantitative information sets that can then be digitally reconfigured to generate architectural and urban form. She has participated in the creation of a number of video and architectural installations as part of this research.

Linda has won a number of significant academic awards including the prestigious Design Medal from NSW Chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the University Medal from the University of Technology, Sydney. She also has a Master's Degree (M.Arch (History and Theory) from the University of NSW and is the author of a number of publications including book chapters, journal articles and conference papers.

The seminar will discuss how the linear perspective grid’s replacement by the digital array presents new disciplinary implications for the design and construction of the architectural surface. Within a context of contemporary ‘envisioned’ urban space, it will show how the geometry underpinning visioning technologies re-presents the visual content of the city according to qualitative criteria of colour and contrast rather than the line. In light of this, some of the architectural consequences of using colour as a mechanism for spatial differentiation and depth will be explored through a selection of speculative mapping techniques and interventions.

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