ESALA Research Seminar: Glyn Davis

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00

  • David Hume Tower, Lecture Hall B
    George Square
    EH8 9JX

Our speaker this week, Glyn Davis, is Chancellor’s Fellow and Reader in the School of Design at Edinburgh College of Art and will talk about cinema and waiting.

Waiting is (and perhaps always has been) a central component of the cinema experience: in the theatre, waiting in line to buy tickets and snacks, and enduring the advertisements and trailers before the main feature; on digital platforms, waiting for the film to download, buffer, or stream; sitting through the least interesting parts of the movie (whether this is the explosions, the routine exposition, or the romantic interludes).

During encounters with particular examples of arthouse and experimental cinema, waiting can become especially pronounced: in relation to content, the viewer may wait for something to happen. Here, the experience of watching collapses into one of waiting: for a development of detail, for time to elapse.

Drawing insight from writings by Beckett, Bergson and Blanchot, this talk will explore the topic of cinema and waiting in detail. It will apply Harold Schweizer’s distinction between different types of waiting to cinema, and explore the relationships between cinema, waiting, and boredom.

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