ECA Performance Costume Show

  • Schools show 3pm on 17 May
    Main shows 17 May 6pm and 8pm and 18 May 3pm, 6pm and 8pm

  • Sculpture Court
    Edinburgh College of Art Main Building
    Lauriston Place
    EH3 9DF


The Performance Costume programme will stage the Performance Costume Show at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) for two nights in May.

The stage for this spectacular show will be the newly refurbished Sculpture Court where graduating students will combine their creative flair and technical prowess to create evocative performances, displaying costumes created for theatre, film, opera and dance. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students will also be showing their costumes and puppets in entertaining group performances.

The Performance Costume Show is sponsored by Rachel Gallagher and Gretna Green.

Pre-show performance: DIAPASON

There will be a pre-show performance outside in the ECA Main Building Quad, prior to the 6pm and 8pm shows, starting at 5:30pm and 7:30pm respectively, after which you will be led into the Sculpture Court where the shows will commence.

DIAPASON is a grand swelling burst of harmony. Year 3 students were briefed to design costumes for an interactive public performance by the company Oceanallover as part of their ‘Transfigured' series. The costumes were inspired by original poems written by Alex Rigg with pairs of students working in tandem to generate ideas and designs that yielded pairs of costumes, one for the trained performer and one for a volunteer participant. The volunteer dons the complementary costume and is led by their performance partner through a very personal journey. Students explored the possibilities of simple materials that helped express poetic ideas, aware that the costumes had to be adaptable for a range of sizes and volunteers. The performers for this show are  from the Physical Theatre Practice course run by Fife College at Summerhall. The project was led by artist and performer Alex Rigg.

The students involved were Natasha Allen, Katie Anderson, Lara Bauchop, Lydia Boagey, Leah Bradbury, Georgina Carey, Molly Lambourne, Annie Linfitt, Charlotte Livingston, Ella Marshall, Katherine McKinley, Hannah Myers, Lada Sotirova, Sara Szalai, Megan Tetlow-Walker, and Stephanie Wilson.