[Digital Practices] Symposium

  • 5pm - 7pm

  • Medical School, Teviot Lecture Theatre (Doorway 5)
    Teviot Place
    EH8 9AG

Organised by Dr Cristina Nan and PhD student Roxana Bakhshayesh Karam

The [Digital Practices] Symposium will be discussing different approaches towards advanced digital tools related to architecture and design practices. The focus lies on different manufacturing processes, from additive manufacturing to robotic fabrication, bringing together international experts, researchers and practitioners. Aspects related to computational design, architecture, digital fabrication, construction, digital crafting, engineering, material development and experimentation will be discussed in the context of the creative economy.

Guest Speakers:

  • Manuel Jimenez García, Co-founder M A D M design, Nagami - Robotic Manufacturing Startup, Lecturer in Architecture, The Bartlett UCL http://manueljimenezgarcia.com/
  • Gilles Retsin, Program Director B.Pro Architectural Design, Co-founder Design Computation Lab, The Bartlett UCL http://www.retsin.org/ 
  • Henriette Bier, Robotics Building Group & Delft Robotics Institute ,TU Delft  http://www.hyperbody.nl/about/who/henriettebier/
  • Urs Hirschberg, Graz University of Technology, Founding Director of the Institute of Architecture and Media (IAM)

Talks on key themes will address:

  • How advanced digital tools can advance and change disciplinary models
  • The advancement of design and creative practices through the means of computational design
  • Diverse range of methodological approaches with regards to computation, material, tools and process
  • The relationship between design and its material manifestation, considering relevant parameters of the market and the client
  • Pedagogical strategies related to computational design and digital making
  • The gap between academic education and economic realities, aiming for sustainable practice approaches.

Our invited speakers will present projects of various scales, which demonstrate the use of the latest technological advancements. This symposium offers a new view on digital creative practices by presenting state-of-the-art processes, followed by an ‘open’ podium discussion, moderated by both students and staff members. The symposium addresses digital practices in architecture and design-related disciplines, focussing on the practice based experiences of our guest speakers, involved in developing own projects, research agendas, businesses, start-ups or a practice.