Digital Health Collider

  • Friday, February 10, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00

  • Evolution House, Design Informatics Studio (Room 1.09)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

In the context of more and more people collecting data about their own health and wellbeing, what can we do to help people make sense of the data they collect? How can we make these data useful to others (family members, friends, clinicians) with whom people choose to share their data?

This Collider will bring together professionals in the field to see how we can work together to come up with creative solutions.

Speakers include:

  • Maciej Zurawski is Founder and CEO of Musemantik, creating health and well-being apps such as Soulight that also utilise music technology.
  • Gavin Routledge is Clinic Director and Osteopath for active X backs, with a commitment to relieving back pain Gavin has just released his book "Active X Backs - An effective long-term solution to lower back pain."
  • Dr Maria Wolters is Reader in Design Informatics and Research Fellow at the Turing Institute. Maria’s goal is to create solutions that help people with long-term conditions live rich and joyful lives. She specialises in conditions that affect mental health and cognition.

A collider is a conceptual design event, bringing together computational thinking and design thinking, to pull informaticians together with designers, and problem holders. The first part of the Collider sets the scene before breaking out in to workshop sessions.

Places are free but space is limited so please sign up in advance for a place on Eventbrite


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