Beverley Hood) & Prof Sara Brown : ‘We Began as Part of the Body’ Discussion

  • 4pm

  • Online

‘We began as part of the body’ is an artwork inspired the eczema genetic research laboratory of Professor Sara Brown, (University of Dundee) where Beverley Hood (University of Edinburgh) undertook an artist residency in 2017 organised by ASCUS Art & Science.

The residency involved spend time observing the activities of the lab and the organotypic artificial skin cells, which are both real and synthetic. Taken from an actual person (via tummy tucks, breast surgery, etc), the cells are processed and maintained outside of the body. Almost indescribably similar and different from the cells that exist within our actual body, genes are changed, tweaked, to create eczema skin.

The artwork combines microscopy, digital scanning and speech synthesis to lead the audience through the cells’ journey, during their short, precious, three weeks long ‘in-vitro’ life, from operating theatre to lab, and finally to disposal.

This discussion will bring together artist Beverley Hood and dermatologist Professor Sara Brown to explore how the piece evolved in the lab and beyond, using microscopy, 3D modelling, and speech synthesis.

This event is part of the Being Human Festival and is organised by the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society at the University of Edinburgh as part of their Visualizing Bodies series. It is run in partnership with the Edinburgh College of Art and Design Informatics.

* Please note that this webinar will be recorded*

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