Motion Matching: A New Interaction Paradigm for the IoT, Augusto Esteves

  • 4:00pm

  • Evolution House, Design Informatics Studio (T-Room, Level 2)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

Part of the Design Informatics Research Seminar Series 2018

Led by Augusto Esteves (Edinburgh Napier University)

Motion matching is a novel interaction technique designed for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) that is device-independent, scalable, and consistent. Unlike traditional interfaces where targets are static (to facilitate pointing), motion matching interfaces display targets that move continuously in a distinct trajectory - with users selecting a target by simply tracking its movement in real-time. The seminar will discuss various case studies, covering a variety of IoT domains ranging from wearables, smart rooms, smart TVs, to augmented-reality.

Augusto Esteves is a Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University with a PhD in Informatics Engineering (Human-Computer Interaction) from the University of Madeira. His research interests lie in lowering the physical and cognitive demands of computer interfaces through the design of multimodal interaction, and he has explored these concepts in various institutions during his career. Augusto leads the HCI Lab, an interdisciplinary research group that designs, develops and studies novel interaction techniques for the computers of the future.

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