Design Informatics Research Seminar: Ewa Luger

  • Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 16:00 to 17:00

  • Evolution House, Design Informatics Studio (Room 1.09)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

Making AI Intelligible; Designing for ethical and comprehensible intelligent systems     

The development of complex, intelligent systems has surpassed our ability to explain them. The market is increasingly populated with algorithmically-driven products for which users have limited mental models, putting their privacy at risk, and raising questions of human agency and control. Ensuring machine intelligence is ethically designed raises distinct challenges and implicates multiple spheres such as regulation, governance, education and design.  In this talk Ewa will explore some of the ethical challenges arising from ambient, intelligent systems and offer examples from her research around consent, conversational agents, and an ideation technique intended to support privacy by design.

Ewa Luger is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh (Design Informatics), where her research explores applied ethics within the sphere of machine intelligence.  This encompasses practical considerations such as data governance, consent, privacy, transparency, and how intelligent networked systems might be made intelligible to the user, through design. She was Previously a Fellow at Corpus Christi College (University of Cambridge), a postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft Research (UK), and has a background in Political Science, HCI, and policy and digital inclusion. 

Talk is free to attend and all welcome.

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