Choreographing the City

  • Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 17:20

Part of the 2016 Jonathan Mills Lectures series.

Just as places are sensed, senses are placed” – Maurice Merleau Ponty

How do we respond to the intimate details of our surroundings? Our homes, or streets? Our neighbourhoods and offices? Our urban, or decreasingly, our rural environments?

Driving through a city, even within speed limits, how much do we really notice? Are the textures and assemblages of buildings and streetscapes, ever more than fleeting glances? Are we doing anything other than passing through?

Do we truly inhabit or celebrate the places in which we work, love or play? What kind of sensory, let alone sensual relationships, exist within these familiar places? Do we perform, through ritual or reverie, consciously or intuitively, simple acts of recognition to reflect upon and evoke the places in which we live? 

Jonathan Mills explores the idea of performance and most especially choreography as a way in which we might want to inhabit our place in the world.

Free and open to all.