Architectural Lineaments: Drawing and Narrative in the work of Peter Wilson

  • 9am - 4.45pm

  • Evolution House, Board Room (5.21)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

Peter Wilson is one of the most internationally significant architects and architectural educators of the past 40 years. Studying at the Architectural Association in London in the 1970s, he subsequently became a key studio master at the school. His work is marked by great formal sophistication and sensitivity, motivated by an intense interest in the imaginative and figurative possibilities of architecture. Together with his partner, Julia Bolles, he has realised an extremely important sequence of projects over the last decades in Europe and beyond.

‘Architectural Lineaments’ is the first international symposium to focus on Peter Wilson’s work and we are delighted to welcome an array of eminent speakers to Edinburgh to discuss it. Peter’s architectural drawings are renowned and so it is very appropriate that the event is being organised as a collaboration between ESALA and the Drawing Matter Trust.

Peter Wilson has previously held the position of George Simpson Visiting Professor at ESALA, ECA.

Attendance is by invitation only


  • 09.00 – Introduction
  • 09.15 – Kurt W Forster, A Suitcase Full of Shadows
  • 09.45 – Isabelle Doucet, Wilson’s Project for the City: Between Drawing and Political Action
  • 10.15 – Nigel Coates, NATØ Manoeuvres
  • 10.45 – Coffee
  • 11.15 – Nicholas Boyarsky, Auto Portraits
  • 11.45 – Adrian Hawker, Eccentric / Assisted / Adjacent
  • 12.15 – Michael Gold, Notes and Quotes from a Conversation with Peter Wilson
  • Lunch
  • 13.45 – Mark Dorrian, Peter Wilson in the Empire of Signs
  • 14.15 – Izabela Wieczorek, Some Reasons for Talking About Peter Wilson
  • 14.45 – Elizabetta Terragni, The Wilson File
  • 15.15 – Coffee
  • 15.45 – Discussion chaired by Niall Hobhouse
  • 16.45 – Close

Organisers: Professor Mark Dorrian, ESALA, and Niall Hobhouse, Drawing Matter

There is an accompanying lecture to this symposium, Speculative to Operative, taking place on 9 April 2018.