Architectural History and Theory Seminar series: Philip Goad

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 17:15 to 18:30

This seminar by Professor Philip Goad, of the University of Melbourne, takes as its title ‘Bauhaus Australia: modernism, migration and exile’.

Philip joins us as one of ESALA's Geddes Visiting Fellows, 2016-17. His talk is the fifth in this year's Architectural History and Theory Seminar Series.

Philip is internationally known for his research and is an authority on modern Australian architecture.

He has worked extensively as an architect, conservation consultant, and curator, and is an expert on the life and work of Robin Boyd.

Bauhaus Australia: modernism, migration and exile

European émigré architects played a significant and complex role in the transmission and reception of various modernisms in pre- and post-World War II Australia. Influence however was not linear; the ‘strange’ new land was not always inviting. Cultural transfer went both ways as competing aesthetic concepts of hybridity, purity and universality faced local realities of insularity that were professional and cultural; extremes of climates and geography that dictated adaptation and invention; and unpredictable networks of patronage and education that might be generously open or resolutely closed.  

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