Monuments and Manuscripts: translating forms and ideas between media in medieval Iberia | Dr Emily Goetsch (University of Edinburgh)

  • 5.15pm

  • Minto House, Room 4.18
    20-22 Chambers Street
    EH1 1JZ

Led by Dr Emily Goetsch (University of Edinburgh)

This paper will examine an enigmatic, pre-Romanesque fountain in Oviedo, Spain known as the Foncalada. As the earliest example of public, civil architecture from the Pre-Romanesque period, the Foncalada is unusual in its prominence, longevity and the carvings featured on it, though surprisingly little is known about the source of the fountain and its greater significance.

By considering the fountain alongside architectural representations of the most prominent Iberian manuscript tradition of the medieval period, Beatus of Liebana’s Commentary on the Apocalypse, this paper will suggest that the shape, forms and ideas embodied in the Foncalada were referenced in illustrations from manuscripts of the Beatus Commentary in order to assert ideas of Christian salvation.

Part of the 2017-18 Architectural History and Theory Seminar Series. The seminars are free and everyone is welcome.