Mannerism and Modern Architecture, Again | Professor Andrew Leach (University of Sydney)

  • 5.15pm

  • Minto House, Room 4.18
    20-22 Chambers Street
    EH1 1JZ

Led by Professor Andrew Leach (University of Sydney)

Taking its starting point from a reading of Manfredo Tafuri’s L’architettura del manierismo nel Cinquecento europeo (1966), this seminar considers how to figure the mid-twentieth-century historiography of architectural “mannerism” into contemporary architectural debate. The seminar will introduce Tafuri’s work in order to track writing on architectural mannerism up to 1950 and the year, therefore, in which Colin Rowe published his influential essay “Mannerism and Modern Architecture”—on which such later works as Bruno Zevi’s treatment of “Michelangiolo architetto” (1964) and Robert Venturi’s embrace of mannerism in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966) one way or another rely. The seminar will consider how mannerism has been understood within the history of modern architectural culture and why that might offer something more than a passing curiosity today. The seminar will introduce Leach's small book Crisis on Crisis (forthcoming 2017) and the larger project it will inform at Harvard’s Villa I Tatti in 2018.

Part of the 2017-18 Architectural History and Theory Seminar Series. The seminars are free and everyone is welcome.