Late Gothic churches in Paris and the question of the ‘Renaissance Gothic’ in France | Dr Agnès Bos (University of St Andrews)

  • 5.15pm

  • Minto House, Room 4.18
    20-22 Chambers Street
    EH1 1JZ

Led by Dr Agnès Bos (University of St Andrews)

Whilst sometimes analysed as a degenerated style, French Late Gothic, or Flamboyant, architecture really deserves to be considered as a whole part of the History of Architecture. The city of Paris is a great example of this flourishing architectural creation, especially in the field of the religious buildings. This paper argues that the transition from Late Gothic to Renaissance was not as quick and sudden as historians have typically argued, but was the result of many decades of slow evolution. In this respect, it represents a “Renaissance Gothic”.

Part of the 2017-18 Architectural History and Theory Seminar Series. The seminars are free and everyone is welcome.