Animation At Hidden Door 2017

  • 6.15pm

  • Old Leith Theatre
    28-30 Ferry Road
    EH6 4AE

Hidden Door 2017 provides an opportunity for two distinct animation screenings from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Animation students on the last night of the festival. The fantastic venue of the Old Leith Theatre in Ferry Road is having its Art Deco interior reinvigorated by this year's iteration of Hidden Door, and the building will hopefully be regenerated as a direct result.


The first screening will showcase work produced for 10X10X17 by animators and film composers from ECA working in collaboration with students from institutions in America, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Holland, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland. Participants had 24 hours to make a film, or piece of music, and get it online. Then they were asked them to do it all over again, ten times! 749 films were made in total, and some of the highlights will be screened at Hidden Door.

The second screening is "Growth", a collective showing of emergent animation from our current Animation - MFA students. The work is experimental and foreshadows the pieces that these students will make as their research reaches its culmination next May.

Come along, marvel at the venue, delight in the work, and celebrate the final moments of this year's Hidden Door Festival.