After Money symposium & book launch

  • 10am - 5pm | Symposium
    6pm - 8pm | Book launch

  • City Arts Centre, Alt-w LAB, 4th Floor
    2 Market Street
    EH1 1DE

This one-day symposium, organised by the Centre for Design Informatics - a joint research centre between Edinburgh College of Art and the School of Design Informatics - aims to better understand the implications that FinTech, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract developments are having on how industry, publics and governments understand money. The fast pace and shifting developments of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have raised significant questions not only about new forms of currency but the economic, social and political constructs that surround them.

Challenging current norms of value representation in society and culture, this symposium aims to investigate different perspectives of how financial technologies may influence our lives. The symposium will comprise three sessions, each with a unique focus on FinTech Near Futures, Policy, Value and New Economics as well as Cultures of Commodification. The day is intended to bring together a variety of people from academia, industry and culture to understand the broader, cross-cutting implications of these new forms of banking, programmable money and representations of value and its wide-ranging repercussions.

The After Money Symposium heralds the end of Design Informatics’ research project After Money in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the New Economics Foundation, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The event is hosted by New Media Scotland as part of their 48 hours programme.

Following the symposium, there will be a book launch for Artists Re-Thinking the Blockchain where Ruth Catlow, its editor, will discuss the book’s critical enquiry of the possibilities and problems associated for artists.

Booking on Eventbrite for both the symposium and the book launch is essential. The symposium has a £5 registration fee, whereas the book launch is free.

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