The Eighteenth-Century Research Seminar series is an interdisciplinary forum for postgraduate and early-career scholars working on any aspect of eighteenth-century history, literature and culture to share their research. The seminar is organised jointly by postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh's School of History, Classics and Archaeology, and the College of Art.

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Previous series


22 Jan 2020
“Oh had I been a more useful sex!” Jacobite women and acts of loyalty | Georgia Vullinghs (Edinburgh)
“A fair and just light”: the understanding and use of history in the post-Culloden Highlands | Alastair Noble (Edinburgh)

5 Feb 2020
‘Sick Body, selfhood and the temporal experience in Dream of the Red Chamber’ | Eileen Zhao (Edinburgh)
‘Azure Blue, Verdigris Green, Sulphur Yellow: The mineralogical origins of Patrick Syme Wener’s Nomenclature of Colours (1814)’ | Joyce Dixon (Edinburgh)

19 Feb 2020
‘“Hung up for monuments”: the material legacy of Shakespeare’s Richard III’ | Anna Myers (Edinburgh)
'Patterns of skill: narrative and material forms of practical knowledge in early eighteenth-century adventure fiction’ | Robert Stearn (Birkbeck)

18 Mar 2020
‘The West Indian Interest at the time of Abolition (1783–1803):  The significance of William and James Chisholme’ | Alastair Learmont (Edinburgh)
‘Against Despotism: approaching the republican Atlantic, c.1769–1791’ | Regis Coursin (Montreal)

1 Apr 2020
‘Natural theology in Scotland: the place of Scottish common-sense realism in reformed theology’ | Zachary Seals and Sergio Melgar (Edinburgh)
‘Polaris in Ursa Minor? Friedrich August Wolf, the Halle Seminar, and the history of philology’ | Kristine Palmieri (Chicago)

8 Apr 2020 (Rescheduled)
'A temple to the muses: reimagining antiquity during the grand tour in Kenneth Mackenzie’s classical apartments, 1771’ | Alley Jordan (Edinburgh)
‘“A most handsome method of introducing me”: James Playfair and Scottish architectural patronage in eighteenth-century London’ | Rory Lamb (Edinburgh)


30 Jan 2019

The controversy surrounding the Cambuslang revival and its reflection on 18th-century debates concerning social cohesion | Ashley Foster 

Time and space at the 18th-century fair | Jessica Davidson

13 Feb 2019

The fossils of John Woodward: Defying death in the institutional museum | William Burgess 

“Distinguere gli ananassi dale patate”: The transmission of botanical knowledge in Peter-Leopold’s Tuscany | Elena Romero-Passerin 

27 Feb 2019

The afterlife of Clementina Sobieska, Stuart Queen in exile | Georgia Vullinghs 

Healing statues of the Virgin in 18th-century Portugal | Diana Rafaela Pereira 

13 March 2019

Identity, visibility and games of attention in 18th-century views of Paris: Historical, sociological and methodological questions | Jacopo Veneziani 

27 March 2019

Treating the practical rules of morality: The “two useful Parts” of moral philosophy and Adam Smith’s "Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759)" | Edward Wren 

Studying Provincial Intellectual Life in the Enlightenment: the Lausanne Literary Society (1772–1783) | Damiano Bardelli 

10 April 2019 

Portrait of Spain: The image of Madrid in Antonio Rodríguez’s Colección de trages | Danielle Smith 

Hue as tawny as the Moor”: Painting the margins of the 18th-century Chesapeake | Mary Zundo 

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