To study online you’ll need the following:

Basic requirements:

  • A reasonably fast computer, with a modern browser and a good video card
  • Headphones / microphone / camera for online communication
  • Video-screen capture software
  • Word processing software (e.g. MS Word, LibreOffice, Latex)

In addition, individual courses will have specialised software / hardware requirements. Wherever possible we base courses around freely available software and resources.

  • For all sound courses you will need: access to a reliable, high quality monitoring environment; professional headphones; recording equipment; editing software (e.g. ProTools, Cubase, Reaper, Logic)
  • Image manipulation software (Photoshop, The GIMP)
  • Adobe Flash
  • Blender (open source 3D modelling and animation)

Are you interested in studying Digital Media Design - MSc Online Distance Learning at Edinburgh College of Art?