The Centre for Design Informatics is a collaboration between the Schools of Design and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. 

Each year, we invite a variety of practitioners - from local business people to academics to artists - to share their story in our Research Seminar Series. The events are a fantastic opportunity to hear from those working across the UK, Europe and beyond; we've had guests from St Andrews, The Netherlands, Portugal, Massachusetts and Toronto to name a few.

Please contact Jane Macdonald, the series organiser, if you have any questions:

Poster for a seminar series at E C A


Semester one

Thu 20 Sep 2018 | Data Visualisation, Benjamin Bach | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 27 Sep 2018 | Cloud Euphoria, Angelo Plessas | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 4 Oct 2018 | Blended Memory, Tim Fawns | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 11 Oct 2018 | Gaze Awareness, Augusto Esteves | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 18 Oct 2018 |  Product Design, Jonathan Rankin | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 25 Oct 2018 | Digital Humanities, Bea Alex | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 1 Nov 2018 | Digital Societies, Liz Mcfall | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 8 Nov 2018 | IoT & Privacy, Gilad Rosner | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 15 Nov 2018 | Critical Wearables, Teresa Almeida | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 22 Nov 2018 | Cross-Cultural Co-Design, Rachel Clarke | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm

Thu 29 Nov 2018 | Digital Art, Beverley Hood | T-Room, Floor 1, Evolution House | 4:00pm


Semester two 

Thu 17 Jan 2019 | Ethical Information Society, Grace Annan-Callcott | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 24 Jan 2019 | Visualising Meta-Data, Lucy Havens | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 31 Jan 2019 | Privacy in Ubicomp, Mohamed Kahmis | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 7 Feb 2019 | Human Data Interaction, Richard Mortier | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 14 Feb 2019 | Sound Performance (followed by a sound performance at the Wee Red Bar), Bowers & Shaw | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 28 Feb 2019 | Blockchain, DAOWO | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Thu 7 March 2019 | VR & Dance, Lisa May Thomas | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 14 March 2019 | Design Through Tangibles, Peter Bennett | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 21 March 2019 | AI Ethics, Sarah Bennett | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 28 March 2019 | Design for Immersive Tech, Steve Love | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm

Thu 4 April 2019 | Interaction Design, Katerina Gorkovenko | Inspace, 1 Crichton Street | 4:00pm


Previous seminar series

2017 - 2018

Thu 21 Sep | Digital Geographies | George Jaramillo, Glasgow School of Art 

Thu 28 Sep | Linguistic Geographies | Pip Thornton, Royal Holloway

Thu 5 Oct | Interaction Design | Tim Peix 

Thu 12 Oct | Web Science | Kieron O'Hara, University of Southampton 

Thu 19 Oct |  Digital Architecture | Luis Hernan, Newcastle University 

Thu 26 Oct | Digital Urban | Drew Hemment, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at the University of Dundee 

Thu 2 Nov | Business and Law | Glenn Parry, University of the West of England

Thu 9 Nov |  Political Ecology | Brett Matulis, University of Leicester 

Thu 16 Nov | Global Creative Enterprise | Candace Jones, University of Edinburgh 

Thu 23 Nov | Interaction Design | Jamie Steane, Northumbria University 

Thu 30 Nov | Storytelling & Design | Denis Mallon

Thu 18 Jan | Strategy and Innovation | Steven Drost, CodeBase 

Thu 25 Jan | Interaction Design | Caroline Claisse, Sheffield Hallam University 

Thu 1 Feb | Creative Industries | Clive Gillman, Creative Scotland 

Thu 8 Feb | Blockchain & Trust | Bill Buchanan, Edinburgh Napier University 

Thu 15 Feb | FinTech | Karen Elliott, Newcastle University 

Thu 1 Mar | Designing for Dementia | Nick Jenkins, the University of the West of Scotland

CANCELLED: TO BE RESCHECULED | Thu 8 Mar | Sound Performance | Venue to be confirmed | John Bowers & Tim Shaw, Newcastle University

CANCELLED: TO BE RESCHECULEDBlended Memory | Tim Fawns, University of Edinburgh

Thu 22 Mar | Digital Humanities | Melissa Terras, University of Edinburgh

Thu 29 Mar | Internet of Soft Things | Sarah Kettley, University of Edinburgh 

Thu 5 Apr | Data Visualisation | Benjamin Bach, University of Edinburgh


2016 - 2017

HCI | Maria Wolters, University of Edinburgh

More Than Human | Anne Galloway, Wellington

HCI | Aaron Quigley, St Andrews

Naked Craft | Amelie-Proulx, Québec)

Wallscope | David Eccles, University of Edinburgh

CTO Pycom | Fred de Haro, Eindhoven

Interdisciplinary Design Afternoon | Robert Baines 

Democratic Renewal | Cat Macaulay, ScotGov

Data Viz | Rebecca Kaye, University of Edinburgh

Digital sociology | Karen Gregory, University of Edinburgh

Digital Arts | Gosia Walton, University of Edinburgh

Representations of ANT | Michael Johnson, Glasgow School of Art

Cultural Geography | Kate Symons, University of Edinburgh

Studio Andthen | Santini Basra, Glasgow University

Accounting and Social Innovation | Paolo Quattrone, University of Edinburgh

Social Computing | Joe Corneli,University of Edinburgh

The Incredible Machine | Marcel Schouwenaar, Netherlands

Applied Ethics | Ewa Luger, University of Edinburgh

Digital Architectures | Cristina Nan, University of Edinburgh


2015 - 2016

Multispecies Methods: Participatory Research and the more-than-human Michelle Bastian, Edinburgh College of Art

Animal-Computer Interaction: Designing Interactive Systems for and with More-than-Humans Clara Mancini, Open University

New Trends in Digital Storytelling: The case of Laura Silva Valentina Nisi, M-ITI Portugal

The GeoMerce Project | Nuno Nunes and Giovanni Innella, M-ITI Portugal and Chiba University

eoSurgical: Improving Skills and Saving lives Simon Humphrey-Adam/ eoSIM

The Water Next Time: Changing Wavescapes in the Anthropocene | Stefan Helmreich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Designing Digital Cultures | Gerard Briscoe, Glasgow School of Art

Process and Notation in the work of Anni Albers and Alfred North Whitehead | Simon Yuill, independent artist

From intervention to co-creation: how ‘meSch’ is empowering cultural heritage professionals realise tangible interactive installations | Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University

Designing Digital for the Real Alexander Cole, Peekabu

Flagging Interest: A neuropolitical approach to implicit identity triggers | Laura Cram, School of Social & Political Science

Cultural Evolution and Human Uniqueness Simon Kirby, Language Evolution, University of Edinburgh

Unexpected Items in the Bagging Area | Neil McGuire, After The News

Designing for Creative Intelligence | Mel Woods, University of Dundee

Crafting the Computational Maker: The Conservation of Embodied Phenomenological Experience | Matt Ratto, University of Toronto

Exploring Smart Cities | Simon Tricker, Urban Tide, Smart City Data Experts

Staying safe online and making security usable | Kami Vaniea, School of Informatics

Design Activism: Co-Design in the Wild with Collective Imagery | Priscilla Chueng-Nainby, design activist, academic and poet


2014 - 2015

New opportunities with Beacons Mark Sorsa-Leslie, Bubbal

The stratification of life, mind and disciplinary knowledge | Cris Simonetti, University of Aberdeen

Process of Drawing | Clare Petherick, illustrator

Free Software | Hadi Mehrpouya, Edinburgh College of Art

Can a designer be courageous? Looking at the ethics of design through the virtues of craft | Jeremy Kidwell, School of Divinity

Data and Life on the Street | Alex Taylor, Microsoft

Summarizing Data Using Probabilistic Machine Learning | Charles Sutton, School of Informatics

Punchcard Economy - Rates for the Job | Sam Meech, artist and videosmith

Towards Bio-Hybrid Soft Robots and Integrated Soft Systems | Adam Stokes, Institute for Micro and Nano Systems & Institute for Bioengineering

Making Unknown Technology | Kristina Andersen, STEIM, The Netherlands

Temporal Design | Larissa Pschetz, Edinburgh College of Art

Evaluating and developing Tangible Interactive Exhibits for museums | Loraine Clarke, University of Strathclyde

Validated by 3D Printing | Filipe Vilela, Heriot-Watt University

Emerging practitioners/creative technologies, why talking about disruptive technologies is wrong | Diego Zamora, Edinburgh College of Art

Keeping you playing: Gaming Analytics Mark Robinson, deltaDNA

Slow Tech Time | Will Odom, Simon Fraser University

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