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Admissions requirements

You must have a degree in architecture prescribed by the ARB Part 1 or equivalent standard demonstrated in portfolio. Academic references must also be provided.

More information on admission requirements is available from our degree finder.

Academic process

Your application will be assessed by a panel of academics from the Master of Architecture Degree. Panels occur over the course of the academic year, usually in December, February, April and June.


The portfolio is the most important part of your application. It allows us to build up a picture of your capacities to draw, make things, think creatively, manipulate form, organise information, and handle ideas.


  1. On the first page of the portfolio incorporate your name and UUN (if applicable)
  2. Include a brief CV and your personal statement after the first page
  3. Include examples of your work (see below) after your personal statement


Your portfolio should include examples of work undertaken as part of a formal programme of study, while in practice, and as part of self-initiated projects.

The focus of the portfolio should be on your best and most recent work.

Your best work

This doesn’t mean you should limit submissions to presentation images alone. Include sketches, studies and working drawings. If possible, include examples from your design sketchbooks and notebooks.

Most recent work

It is important to present your most recent work, but if you have had a longer period in practice or have a diverse educational, professional background, you should include work that would best show the wider scope and development of your career.

Varied work

Include work which varies in terms of kind, scale and media:

  • Kind: architectural design, speculative projects,art, built, research
  • Scale: furniture, buildings, urban design, regional studies
  • Media: freehand drawings, technical drawings, computer drawings, models,sculptures, live performances, paintings, installations, video

Organise your work so that the admissions panel can see and appreciate your development.


  • Your portfolio should be presented digitally as a PDF document. Make sure the portfolio is saved as a single PDF file.
  • The pages should be set up at A4 size, organised in landscape format.
  • Images should appear at a high enough resolution to be clearly legible. However, avoid files sizes that will make the document load very slowly.
  • Present your design work in an intelligent and understandable way. Give the titles of projects, and annotate drawings as required
  • Submit your portfolio by uploading a Word document to your application which has a link to a single PDF file using a sharing website such as Dropbox. Please make sure that the file is not password protected and the site and file are completely in English (if English is not your first language). No other format will be accepted.
  • Hard copy portfolios or files on CD will be rejected. Separate jpeg files will also be rejected. One single PDF file is required and a CV and Personal statement must be included at the beginning of the file.