While the MArch programme allows students to define and explore particular aspects of architectural design that interest them, at the same time it displays a number of clear overarching characteristics.

Firstly it is committed to investigating in multiple ways the complex relations between architecture and the contemporary city. Students undertake projects that have real relevance for current debates about cities and specific sites within them, which the programme then seeks to disseminate through public lectures, publications and exhibitions (such as the City-speculations series and Edinburgh Art Festival Exhibitions).

Architectural Design Studio electives are offered on a range of themes - island territories, shrinking cities, post-socialist urbanism, disruptive technologies, landscape and ecology, buildings for health, architecture in extreme environments, that change from year to year.

Studio vehicles lead students through a series of creative approaches, research methods and design projects that uniquely allow them to engage the full range of architectural scales; from the urban strategy right down to the detail, in a comprehensive project.

The MArch programme is interested in how the work produced within it can have real effects and influence beyond the academy.

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