Each semester, the Architectural History and Theory - MSc programme welcomes around five guest speakers and colleagues to present an evening seminar on their research. Seminars take place on selected Tuesdays at 5.15pm, usually in Minto House on Chambers Street, opposite the National Museum of Scotland.

The events are a fantastic opportunity to hear about the latest research in the field from researchers working across the UK, Europe and beyond; last year, for example, we had guests from Harvard University, Estonian Academy of Arts, the British School at Rome, the Universities of Melbourne, Liverpool, York and London, Glasgow School of Art and Historic Environment Scotland. The seminars are free and everyone is welcome.

Please contact Dr Richard Anderson or Dr Alistair Fair if you have any questions or access requirements: Richard.P.Anderson@ed.ac.uk or Alistair.Fair@ed.ac.uk


Semester 1

3 October | Dr Valerie Wright (University of Glasgow) 'It wis sold as utopia': Lived experience in Queen Elizabeth Square, Gorbals c. 1964-2016 | Find out more >

17 October | Dr Agnès Bos (University of St Andrews) Late Gothic churches in Paris and the question of the ‘Renaissance Gothic’ in France | Find out more >

31 October | Professor Elizabeth McKellar (Open University) Landscapes of London: Reconceptualising the modern suburb 1660-1840 | Find out more >

7 November | Professor Peter Scriver (University of Adelaide) Re-imagining ‘Internationalism’ in the Architecture of Expo’67 | Find out more >

21 November | Professor Andrew Leach (University of Sydney) Mannerism and Modern Architecture, Again | Find out more >

5 December | Dr James Legard (University of Edinburgh) Before "Vitruvius Britannicus": Rethinking the Origins of the British Architectural Plate Book | Find out more >

Semester 2

16 January | Dr Emily Goetsch (University of Edinburgh) Monuments and Manuscripts: translating forms and ideas between media in medieval Iberia | Find out more >

30 January | Dr Marija Drėmaitė (Vilnius University) | Baltic modernism in the context of Soviet architectural awards | Find out more >

13 February | Dr Carolyn Yerkes (Princeton University) Piranesi's Precious Metals | Find out more >

CANCELLED: TO BE RESCHEDULED | 6 March | Professor Nicholas Bullock (University of Cambridge) | May 1968 and the Architecture of Revolt | Find out more >

20 March | Dr Otto Saumarez Smith (University of Oxford)Flumes and Verrucas: A Short History of the Early Years of the British Leisure Centre | Find out more >

3 April | Dr Ann-Marie Akehurst (Independent Scholar, York) Plain Truth: taking Architecture seriously with the Early Religious Society of Friends | Find out more >

Previous series


27 September | Dr Barnabas Calder (University of Liverpool) | Brutalism: the best architecture there has ever been | Find out more >

4 October 2016 | Professor Florian Urban (Glasgow School of Art) | The New Tenement - Re-housing the Inner City | Find out more >

18 October 2016 | Dr Andres Kurg (Estonian Academy of Arts) |  Against Stagnation: Estonian Collective Farms and Postmodern Architecture in the Soviet UnionFind out more >

1 November 2016 | Professor Iain Boyd Whyte (University of Edinburgh)Modernity, Architecture and the CityFind out more >

15 November 2016 | Professor Philip Goad (University of Melbourne)Bauhaus Australia: modernism, migration and exileFind out more >

22 November 2016 | Marrikka Trotter (Harvard University)Floodmarks, Casts, and Fragments: Soane and Gandy's Proleptic ExtinctionFind out more >

29 November 2016 | Dr Leslie Topp (Birkbeck, University of London)Freedom and the Cage: Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe 1890-1914Find out more >

31 January 2017 | Dr Dagmar Motycka Weston (University of Edinburgh)The Thematic Content of Le Corbusier’s Musée Mondial: Nature and PerspectivityFind out more >

14 February 2017 | Dr Thomas-Leo True (The British School at Rome)Palazzo Gallo at Osimo: researching an unattributed Renaissance cardinal’s palace at the periphery of the Papal StatesFind out more >

28 February 2017 | Dr Alex Bremner (University of Edinburgh)The Expansion of England? Rethinking Scotland’s Place in the Historiography of British Imperial ArchitectureFind out more >

14 March 2017 | Professor Anthony Geraghty (University of York)Architecture about Architecture: Castle Howard and the English BaroqueFind out more >

28 March 2017 | Diane Watters (Historic Environment Scotland)Cardross Seminary: Fate, Failure or Tragic Myth?Find out more >



Dr Hannah Malone (University of Cambridge)Death, architecture and propaganda in Fascist Italy

Dr Robin Schuldenfrei (Courtauld Institute of Art)Urban Objectivity: The Theory and Architecture of the Werkbund Display Window

Simpson Visiting Professor, Professor Barry Bergdoll (Columbia University)Reading Mile High: Frank Lloyd Wright takes on Chicago

Jack Self (REAL Foundation and Architectural Review)Designing With Capital

Professor Christine Stevenson (Courtauld Institute of Art)Is Your Joiner Famous? The Natural History of the Artificer in Late Seventeenth-Century England

Dr Katie Jakobiec (University of Edinburgh)Grain, Stone, Ink: The Stuff of the Polish Renaissance

Dr Elizabeth Petcu (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)Fabrications of Flesh: Wendel Dietterlin and the Dissection of Architecture

David Hemsoll (University of Birmingham)What was it that Brunelleschi thought he was doing?

Professor William Whyte (University of Oxford)Feeling faithful: The Victorian Church and the Architecture of Affect

Professor Mark Crinson (University of Manchester)Compartmentalized worlds: Race, architecture, and colonial crisis in East Africa



Dr Giovanna Guidicini (Glasgow School of Art)Wilderness and tamed nature in Early Modern Scottish celebrations

Jonathan Massey (California College of the Arts)Risk Design

Elain Harwood (English Heritage)The British New Towns 1945-75 and the importance of Cumbernauld

Dr Elizabeth Darling (Oxford Brookes University)Between moribund traditionalism and inventive modernism? : the problem of BBC Broadcasting House

Dr Cole Roskam (University of Hong Kong)Non-Aligned Architecture: China's Designs on and in Ghana and Guinea, 1955-1992

Dr Michael HallThe Holiness of Beauty: George Frederick Bodley and the Aesthetic Movement

Dr Richard Williams (Edinburgh College of Art)The Creative City: It's War! (How to Write a History of the So-Called Creative City: History, Theory and Practice from WW2 to the Present)

Dr Ralph Ghoche (Barnard College, New York)The Problem of Ornament: Organicism and its Afterlife

Dr Louis P Nelson (University of Virginia)Architectures of Empire in Jamaica: the Scottish Connection

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