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Work by Josephine Berry Image courtesy of Josephine Berry
While studying Photography - BA (Hons) at ECA, Josephine was able to explore a variety of mediums in the array of facilities ECA has to offer. Despite studying through the Covid-19 pandemic, Josephine was able to display her work through several exhibitions alongside her peers.

Since graduating, Josephine has gone on to start a masters degree in Fashion Film and Photography at the Paris College of Art with the intention of pursuing a career in fashion photography.

Why I chose to study Photography - BA (Hons)

I chose to study at ECA for the first-class darkroom facilities as my primary interest is in analogue photography. I enjoyed the freedom to be able to explore all types of mediums within my first year before specialising in photography. The city was also certainly a factor and I found that Edinburgh was the perfect size to feel like I had really got to know it well by the end of my time here.

Work by Josephine Berry
Work by Josephine Berry

My time at ECA

My four years at ECA really flew by fast! A highlight was certainly my semester abroad at UCLA where I was able to study film and photography in a city so famed for its cinema. I really enjoyed the many exhibitions we were able to put on at ECA over the years as it is always so fascinating to see the work that my peers are creating alongside me and how it all comes together in exhibition form. I certainly wish my time had not been so heavily influenced over the past two years by Covid-19 as I greatly missed the access to the studios and facilities which are so key to an artist’s development. If I were to start over I would take even more advantage of the facilities and spaces that we had access to!

"I enjoyed the freedom to be able to explore all types of mediums within my first year before specialising in photography."

Josephine Berry

Photography - BA (Hons) alumna

My experiences since graduating

I have since gone on to pursue a Masters in Fashion Film and Photography at Paris College of Art and hope to pursue a career in Fashion Photography. Having a Fine Art background has helped me to kickstart this career direction but still leaves a lot of room to learn about the world of fashion. Leaving Edinburgh was certainly sad but moving to Paris has been an amazing opportunity and I am excited for the rest of my time here.

My advice to new and current students

I would tell students in their first year to be open to making mistakes; both in their art practice and wider university experience. Join societies, try different mediums, and experiment! It is exactly the time to do so, and you learn so much more from that than sticking with the same mindset that you had in school. Also, never be scared to ask tutors for help as it is exactly what they are there for.

To those graduating this year, I still am largely in the same position as them as I will be graduating once again in May!

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